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In February 2020 the Region launched the Malcolm Sage Regional Learning Fund. The purpose of this fund is to allow GMB members through the process of an application form, to apply for educational funding to assist them to advance themselves either in the workplace or outside of employment. The funding is supported with additional financial resources from within the region itself.

It aims to extend the offer of union membership that is already in existence to consolidate the lifelong learning initiative within the region. Thus, growing the union with regards to membership and also as equally important retaining members by assisting them to undertake training with a view to gaining employment.

Please remember to have previously liaised with your workplace Union Learning Representative or Branch Learning Representative, Full-time Officer, or Regional Education Officer. It may well be that one of the above could assist you in obtaining the training course that you are about to apply for funding, free of charge in the first instance.

Application requirements the first criteria that will be used with regards to the panel who controls the process will be that the individual is a member of the GMB. And not only a member but will have had to have been a member and paid their subscriptions for a period of no less than 53 weeks continuously as part of the requirement for application. Further to this, depending on the amount applied for, the funding will be set out in three time served union membership areas.

We have now launched our own Branch Learning Fund for the members of the Nottingham Tec Branch, to apply please download and complete the form below and return to the Branch Secretary (

Learning Fund Application (Word)

Learning Fund Application (PDF)

Posted: 5th July 2020

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